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New technology Fertiliser, Powered by live Bacteria

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Transforming Agriculture

BioIQ's aim is to reduce the use of synthetic fertilisers whilst improving soil health, migrating farmers to something more cost-effective and sustainable in farm management. Through proprietary technology, we utilise beneficial bacteria in a variety of environmental, agricultural and land management applications.
Chemicals lower pH levels in soil that is already acidic, and as soil becomes more acidic minerals are locked up & biology becomes dormant, affecting farm yields. BioIQ provides the conditions that will allow the soil to remain in a pH band that allows for growth; and provides live bacteria to unlock the minerals and elements that will support microbial and bacteria life.

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bIOIQ: powered by live bacteria

Research backed solutions

BioIQ Farm: Our products are designed to offer a cost-effective and results-driven farm solution to reduce the use of synthetic fertilisers.
BioIQ Garden: offers solutions for the home to large parks and gardens and commercial subdivisions and open spaces.
BioIQ Bacteria: The benefit of using BioIQ extends past the farm gate, offering solutions to the environmental issues caused by chemical pollution to rivers, State and federal parks, including essential tourist destinations such as the Barrier Reef.

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One day we will value Soil more than Gold
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new tech fertiliser

Biological Fertiliser
Made in Victoria

BioIQ has a product range which offers farming and agribusiness new technology fertilisers, "Powered by live bacteria".

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A world first in fertiliser and soil conditioner technology

BioIQ has developed a new plant nutrition solution that provides regenerative and all natural solutions for farmers, land managers, commercial landscapers and even our 'weekend warriors' - improving the health of the planet through scientific innovation.
BioIQ's Version 7.0 now shipping with biology counts increasing from 1 billion/ml to 100 billion/ml per species, increasing the speed of biological improvement -combined with our new abalone fertiliser to improve soil health & increase fertility.

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Products for Farming

Our mission is to help farmers in Australia and the world over to improve their farming yields, and prosper in the modern economy.

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“We have been using the BioIQ Bacteria Program for the past year and it has allowed us to produce better quality fruit with increased yields per hectare, whilst reducing input costs. ”

Andrew Heeps - CEO, Australian Organic Fruit

Central Victoria

“We ran trials during the first 6 months of 2022, and it was evident that the soil properties of our farmer's land
improved; particularly the soil structure, topsoil depth, & available nutrients which produced healthy and vigorous grass.”

Peter Briscoe - Greenmate

cranbourne, victoria

“During 2023 we accelerated the release of more
biological products and created new technology
solutions to challenge old tech fertilisers."

Robert Rushford


Better products, price, and performance.

BioIQ manufactures, sells, and distributes fertilisers and bio-stimulants, providing technical and farm support with our partners
Powered by Live Bacteria.